“After a childhood of adventure and curiosity the time came to pursue a dream. Having been a part of theatrical and musical plays since a young boy, there came a change. Picking up the bass guitar at the age of fourteen had only lit the fuse. As I dove into theatre a six string also found its way into my hands. It wasn’t until I was sixteen I started to lean toward the “Rock n’ Roll” stage opposed to the acting stage. Knowing this for sure, I was meant to be on any stage. The lights, the interaction, and the reality. Keeping a love for both theatre and rock music, there must be a place for both in my own form. I always thought putting a dramatic twist and theatrical punch into rock music is much needed for both the viewer and the entertainer to communicate as one. Especially when you are in a band of brothers. The singer-songwriter role has also intrigued me. Not only jumping alive with the strength and spiritual energy of a rock band, but also the solitude and personal serenity that only you know how to reach within yourself. Having that relationship with your inner soul and the gift of music can and will transcend all boundaries and eliminate all doubt. Having only taken lessons for guitar I picked up a few instruments along the way. Piano, harmonica, drums etc. Although singing was always my strong point, I have always enjoyed the indulgence of music through any instrument or body language. Having sang since I was in the first grade, it brought me to a position of actually using it as a way of life. Perhaps there has not been a combination like this before, and to have a brotherhood ready to delve into the unknown is more special and rewarding in the long run. Lock and load. It is going to be one hell of a journey, and I’m going to make sure I have my kicks through this experience.”



“My mom started me on drum lessons in the 3rd grade. My first instrument ever was a small practice pad and a pair of Vic Firths. That small start was probably the best gift I could have ever gotten, the gift of music and opportunity. Most everyone in my immediate family played an instrument. I’ve played alongside all three of my brothers in the high school marching band.  I was on the drumline with Mike. I played the quint toms and he was center snare. That whole experience with him and our friends was a constant good time.The elementary school concert band started in 5th grade. Although I got curious and tried out trumpet and trombone, I ended up playing percussion in various school bands until I graduated high school.

As far as rock n roll, my taste for it started when I heard my first Green Day song when I was 13. By the time I was 15, I had bought my first electric guitar. I started a group with a few friends from the Boy Scouts until going over to Jon’s place one day in the 8th grade. I was still really new to guitar and he had just started playing bass himself. We spent the day attempting to learn Beatles tunes and clumsily plucking through them.  After that, it was decided we’d form a group and just months after that, I introduced Jon to my friend, Mike Dee. The three of us played in a band we called Spectrum all 4 years of high school.  That was the true beginning of this journey together.

           After high school, I spent 3 semesters going to school in Rhode Island with Ben and Mike for wildlife conservation. My music taste had rode the wave from punk rock, to Sublime, to the eventual binge that was The Beatles. However, Grateful Dead and folk music was the majority of my daily jamming sessions with various friends from the dorms. Sometimes it was 2 people, others times 10. Those were magical times that I will always fondly look back on with thanks. My appreciation and interest in improvisation blossomed that year. I attended my first Phish show that summer and my view of jamming was opened immensely. Looking up to musicians like Jerry Garcia, Duane Allman and Jimi Hendrix…I had a lot of work ahead of me. To this day I believe it’s that feeling that drives me to want to be a better musician. I still know I’ve got the long path ahead of me for my technique to ripen and I can’t wait to make it happen. It wasn’t until I came back to Massachusetts to attend school for Music that things started happening in the band again. By that summer, we recruited our long time friend Ben Andrews to play bass and the sound began to take form.

We’re now here in Nashville and I’m excited to improve and expand our sound, record new music, and grow as musicians.”



“Playing music started for me at the age of six when I decided to pick up a pair of drumsticks for the first time. Starting only with a snare drum, hi-hat and the floor to stomp on, I jumped right into the beats and rhythms that revolve around playing a drum set and I couldn’t get enough of it. A few years later I found my way onto the keys, playing anything from the classics to the Beatles and this opened me up the whole melodic side to creating music. Playing these instruments eventually led me to become part of the rock band named Spectrum throughout my teenage years. Being able to perform live with that band, which included two friends and members of Vinyl Square, gave me the drive to pursue music as a career. Although toward the end of high school we disbanded, I decided I wanted to pick up an acoustic guitar and teach myself how to play a whole new instrument.

    At this point I was attending college, I was open to playing music with anybody who was willing and this definitely helped me gain a new perspective on what creating music meant to me. A lot of concepts and ideas were sprouted when I began collaborating my thoughts with people who had a completely different approach to how things should sound. By connecting with all these diverse amount of styles and feelings created by these musicians it made me appreciate why music is considered the world’s universal language. Between playing with these other musicians and studying the musical expressions of my favorite artists, I finally was able to understand what it meant to make your own sound and that’s what ultimately opened the world of writing to me.

    This perfectly led me into the journey that was about to begin when Jon, Connor, and I decided to come back together forming another band with Ben as our fourth member. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, we were just four friends that all loved music in our own ways and when we put it all together I knew we had something special. Being together since 2012 we have gone through alot together as both a band and friends and think you can feel that when you see Vinyl Square play live on stage. There is always an energy there that I can relate to and I think that’s what I love the most about playing with these people that I consider brothers. I can’t wait to see where the music takes us from this point forward as we become part of the Nashville scene, but all I know is that great things are to come.

Percussionist. Guitarist. Pianist.”



“My story is a little different from the others. Unlike Mike, Jon and Connor, I had no intention of ever becoming a musician; let alone playing in a professional rock band.

           I guess my interest in playing music started in my last year of high school when I was deciding which classes I could take that require the least amount of effort to pass with a decent grade. At this point in time, I had known Connor for many years, and had semi-recently started to become friends with Mike and Jon. They were the musicians, playing local rock shows at our school and the old church in our town that had been converted into an art gallery, which conveniently had a stage. Naturally, they suggested I take beginning guitar.

           Now, I was no stranger to playing an instrument. My father, who is an amazing musician, had me take guitar lessons at an early age. He did this for me and my brother in hopes that one of us would have inherited his gift, but at that point I was disinterested, and my lessons were concluded after about a year. This is no random fact I am telling you. Those lessons helped me progress in that beginning guitar class quite quickly. But, again my interest didn’t last past the class and playing music was pushed aside once more.

           It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I decided to pick up the bass. I was rooming with Mike. We both went to the same college and had decided that at least one year we would live together. He had been teaching himself guitar at the time, so I “acquired” my older brother’s bass and small amp and began to teach myself how to play. I started learning bass lines from Rage Against The Machine tunes like “I’m Housing” and “Bullet In The Head” which lead to learning the mother of all bass styles, the funk.

           That summer I spent most of my time down in Connors basement, playing along to his drumming, learning to play with another person, more importantly, learning to play in time. The summer went on and I began to learn the songs that Jon had written and began to practice with the three of them as a fill in bassist. Soon they accepted me as a part of the band, I got our first gig as the new four piece called “The Tymes”, and, as they say, the rest is history.


Currently we all reside in the Nashville, TN area and are pursuing a career in music.

My name is Benjamin J. Andrews, and I am a Bassist.”